Monday, December 2, 2013

Pumpkin Bread & Box

We hope that everyone had a great holiday weekend!  It's hard to believe that another Thanksgiving is behind us and Christmas is sneaking up.  Everyone at the Pansy Patch had a great time.  We were so thankful this year for our newest member -Jennifer Faith - and the complete recovery of her Mom!  The day before Thanksgiving, Joe and I with the girls babysat for Jennifer.  What a joy that was!  It has been a long time since I changed a diaper and fed someone a bottle - especially a preemie - but everything went well and we had a good time!  My daughter is going to have two willing babysitters this summer!  We had Thanksgiving at our house and it was definitely filled with a lot of happiness, love and fun - everyone fighting over who was going to hold Jennifer!

I usually make a bunch of cookies around this time of year to give out, but with all the excitement going on I was short on time for Thanksgiving.  I saw this great recipe for Pumpkin Bread and box tutorial on Stamping up North and decided to try it out.  The boxes were really easy to put together and so was the recipe.  I used little aluminum loaf pans I had purchased in Walmart's and they fit perfectly.

I decided to make a belly band so the bread could be removed easily and the boxes reused if they wanted.  I can see plenty of uses for these little gems!

The girls helped us decorate for Xmas on Friday and we spent most of the weekend trying to finish up.  I love to see the house all decorated with lots of goodies and lights!  It definitely is one of my most favorite times of the year!  Have a great week!

Thanks for stopping bye,
Nancy, Rachel & Sarah

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Leslie Miller said...

What a cute idea, and delicious, too. Actually a time saver. I love anything pumpkin. It always comes out so moist. I'll save this idea for future reference. Thank you!