Thursday, December 12, 2013

Festive Flurry Snowflakes

I decided to make these really cute snowflakes for my daughter to take to the Wellness Center for Christmas.  I was brave and ordered 3 packs (30) to make from SU.  If you are interested in making these there is a lot of how-to videos on Youtube.  I have to say they weren't too hard to make, but they did take more time than I thought they would.  Hot gluing the two different snowflakes took a lot of time, patience and a lot of glue.  Once I realized that I couldn't rush the process things went along smoothly.  The glue needed a least a minute to set up for each one.  I set up everything assembly line and before long it was done!  I have to say that I'm really happy with the results and can hardly wait to see the looks on the patients faces. 

Here's a close up of the finished product.

On the back I decided to stamp a greeting with the Endless Wishes stamp set I had just purchased and used my white craft ink with the little snowflake to finish it off.  I really liked putting 2 different stamps sentiments together on a block to stamp.

I wrapped them all in plastic bags and tied them up with a little poem I had used the other year about snowflakes.

Here's the poem:

Snowflake Legend
Long, long ago, a shining star
Led the way to a CHILD born in a
Manager.  It is believed that SNOWFLAKES
Are little pieces of that gleaming star that
Guides us to the light of the world,
Our Lord, Jesus Christ.

I put everything in a basket with some ribbon and decided to add some candy canes to go along with the snowflakes!

I'm sure everyone is rushing around like crazy trying to get everything done in time.  I spent most of the day shopping today getting last minute items.  We are suppose to get a snowstorm this weekend and wanted to try and finish up before it starts.  I always have the family at my house the Sunday before Christmas and before I know it will be here.  Have a wonderful weekend.

Thanks for stopping bye,
Nancy, Rachel & Sarah

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Leslie Miller said...

Oh, my, these are beautiful, and a nice size, too. Very pretty all packaged up like that, and a lovely idea to add a greeting on the back. I just love the festive basket full of snowflakes with the candy canes in the middle. That's a lot of good cheer you're spreading. The residents will love them and appreciate your kindness.