Thursday, July 27, 2017

Wonderous Wreath Flip Card

I decided I wanted to start making some Xmas cards, as my friend came yesterday to stamp and she always likes to work on her Xmas cards.  We had a great time catching up and little stamping!!  I saw this cute flip card - VIDEO - by Brenda Quintana that she made a few years ago.  I had not used my stamp set so, I thought this would easy to make a few cards to get started.  Boy was I wrong!  She made it seem so easy and the concept was but my stamping gave me some trouble.  I have done 2-step stamping before and never had a problem until this card.  I'm not sure if it was my stamp, ink or me.

Every time I stamped the first wreath some leaves on one side wouldn't stamp out.  So I decided to reink my stamp pads.  Well, that helped a bit but not completely.  My cleaner was almost empty, so I broke into my new bottle and that helped some as well.  I always use a foam mat when stamping with clear stamps, but I decided to apply more pressure by standing up.  After several attempts that landed in the garbage , I succeeded somewhat.

They aren't as good as I would like but at some point one has to say enough!!  Making the card is easy if you want to try it.  Brenda does a great job on her video as usual.

It was hard to take a picture of the card open, so you get to look at my finger!!  I can't believe that I made three Xmas cards in July!!  I really don't make a lot of Xmas cards.  I usually make cards for just the family, so we will see how far I get.  Hope everyone has a great weekend.

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Leslie Miller said...

Your cards look completely fabulous and whatever difficulty you had is not apparent in the end. Let me tell you -- it's not you. It's the stamp. This set would never stamp properly for me, either. My demo contacted SU about it and they would not replace it. I mostly love it for the sentiments now.

PJ said...

Your Christmas card is BEAUTIFUL. I will have to try this technique too. I LOVE making XMAS cards, just puts me in a peaceful mood when I listen to Christmas music and stamp them. ♥