Sunday, July 23, 2017

Love Today Planner Kit

I have always used a planner.  Even after I retired, I still always used a planner.  So, when SU put out their new planner I was so exited to get one.  I love it.  It's a little bigger than the one I have been using, but I like that so I don't have to squeeze everything into a little box.  I like the additional pages as well.  It is so nice to be able to write notes, directions, etc. and be able to read them.  SU gave a lot of stickers to use with the planner, but to be honest I'm not a sticker girl!!  My granddaughters are and Joe and I have always been wearing stickers on ourselves that they proudly stuck on us!!

When I started putting together my planner, I wondered what I could do to dress up the monthly pages.  I came across this post from The Cow's Whisperer's Creative Cards and was so happy.  Now why didn't I think of it!!  LOL!!  So I decided to try it out and this is what I did for the month of August.  I wanted to stamp sunflowers on the pages, but I wasn't 100% happy how they turned out, but I have11 months to practice!

The flowers were OK but I didn't like how the centers turned out.  For the rest of my stamping I used Over the Rainbow stamp set and some Washi Tape.  I can hardly wait to see what I stamp for the holidays!!

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Michele Wright said...

Nancy I Love It!! Thanks for the shout out as well. Make sure and post your new month as I love seeing them :)

Leslie Miller said...

I love the idea of decorating and using a planner, but I'd probably never finish it. Doesn't even have to be fancy with a lot of detail. Yours looks fabulous! I make daily to-do lists and write on the calendar. I could do more with a planner, though. You've got me thinking...

PJ said...

ooh.. This if Fabulous. I would have never thought to stamp directly over the top of the planner pages like that. It's great. Gosh I should have looked into a planner. The budget just can't keep affording all these great items. Especially with the Daughter's wedding in Jan. Again Love how it turned out. Can't wait to see what you do with the holiday months approaching.