Thursday, May 1, 2014

Hershey Kisses Flowers

Where has the week gone???  At least the rain has stopped and the weather today was just beautiful!!  Hope it holds for the birthday party for Rachel on Saturday.  I have been busy making these cute little flowers.  I saw this tutorial by Connie Stewart that she made for Easter and decided that they would be cute for the ladies at the Wellness Center for Mother's Day.

I think they turned out so cute and they weren't really hard to make.  Most of the time was spent preparing all the paper for gluing.

Here's a closeup of the flowers.  I hope the ladies like them.  Tomorrow is a big day for Sarah.  She finally gets her braces on!!  Rachel's are ready to come off and now Sarah's are going on.  Never a break!  We went out and got a lot of baby food fruits for the weekend and anything soft we could find.  She still hasn't made up her mind what color the bands will be.  Did you know that every time they change them she gets to pick a different color?  Times sure have changed from when their Mom had hers.  We hope you enjoy this wonderful weather and have a great weekend.

Thanks for stopping by,
Nancy, Rachel & Sarah


laurie said...

Oh I love adorable..I have to pin this!

Leslie Miller said...

These are so cute! Once again you have found the most adorable idea for the wellness center. Looks like lots of cutting of paper for the flowers, but they are just the prettiest!