Thursday, October 4, 2012

EEK - Spiders!!!

I saw these cute magnetic spiders and wanted to make them and surprise Rachel and Sarah!  They were so simple to make and I think they're going to love them!  I'm going to put them on their front door on the inside while they are in school and see what they say when they come home and find them!  Since neither one of them likes "bugs", I'm sure there will be lots of screaming and yelling!


Plastic Spider Rings
Hot Glue Gun

I used the black spiders from a bag of plastic spider rings I found at Michael's.  Then using my scissors I cut off the ring part.  My husband always laughs at me as I save everything - just in case!  I had saved some magnet strips off the paper pads that you put on the refrigerator doors.  I cut them in small sections, hot glued them to the part that use to be the ring area and it worked out perfectly - don't forget to use your rubber finger so you don't get burned!!  My daughter had put up her large spider on the door so the babies looked like they belonged!

Here's a closeup:

You can stick them on anything magnetic!  I made about 40 of them, so I may hide them in unexpecting places!  Have a good weekend - and watch out for SPIDERS!!!!

Thanks for stopping bye,
Nancy, Rachel & Sarah

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