Wednesday, August 23, 2017

September Planner Page

I can't believe that Labor Day is almost here.!  The girls start school next week and summer is closing fast!  Not that is was the greatest summer with all the rain and heat.  I decided I had better do my September planner page before it gets too late.  I really didn't know what to stamp on it.  With the holidays coming the rest of the months should be easy.  Then I thought of the girls going back to school and that was what I stamped on my page.

I used to make a lot of cards for the girls to take to school and I dusted this stamp set off.  It is Crafty Clear - Bookworm and it has some really cute school stamps.  It also is good for scrapbooking.  Check out the Cows Whisperer's Creative Cards blog - this is where I got the idea to stamp on my planners pages.  She has a lot of cute ideas!

The other day Jennifer wanted to do some crafting.  She loves caterpillars, so we made this cute one out of an egg carton.

There are so many ways to decorate it. She had so much fun doing this.

Hope everyone enjoyed the eclipse.  We could only see a small sliver here in PA. but it was interesting to watch on TV.

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Leslie Miller said...

Good idea for your planner pages. No school kids here so I always have to skip over the back to school stuff, but it's so cute. You're the hostess with the mostest! Jennifer must love crafting with Grandma. That caterpillar is so cute and those huge gems -- wow!

PJ said...

Your planner looks fabulous. I love being organized, but lately I'm anything but that. Jennifer sure is learning the craft skills well from you. My daughter and fiance drive 14 hours to watch the eclipse. They got some amazing pictures.