Thursday, December 29, 2016

Cookie Cutter Christmas Reindeer Note Card

While I'm watching the snow fall down, I thought I would post this cute note card I made.  I gave away several gift cards and decided I wanted to make something other than the usual gift card holders.  I saw these adorable note cards on one of my favorite blogs - Brenda Quintana.  Her video is just great as always!

I thought this note card was so cute!  Putting the little bell on the twine just topped it off for me.  I think I' going to make some for Thank You cards as well.  It is just the perfect size.  Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.  Hard to believe that it is behind us already.  I say this every year - I'm going to have to start earlier next year making cards, etc. I'm off to make some more cookies!

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Leslie Miller said...

Ha! So cute! You know I love critters, and this just tickles my funny bone. Happy new year!