Friday, October 7, 2016

Halloween Paper Pumpkin Bags

Well, all I see all over the blogs are goodies for Halloween - and yes, all the Christmas stuff is out as well.  Today, I wanted to show you these cute Halloween Bags.  When my friend was up from Florida, she gave me a bunch of Paper Pumpkin Boxes that she didn't want.  She knows that I always make up some goodies for the Wellness Center for my daughter to take and thought I would like these adorable bags.

I'm not sure which year they were produced, but you can get these little bags in the craft stores and reproduce as many as you need.  Actually, you could buy the burlap and make or own bags, if you had a lot that you wanted to make.  They came together so quick and easy!

I stuffed some goodies inside the bag and wrapped some twine around the bag a few times and tied a bow.  Then I stamped the labels that were in the kit and backed them with some cute DSP.  They even supplied some sequin rope and clothespins to secure to the bag.  It took hardly any time at all to put them together.  I have a bunch of projects I'm working on for the Wellness Center and these will be a great addition.

We hope all that are in the hurricane's path will be safe and sound.  I'm sure the East Coast will get it share of the rain next week.  It has been such a beautiful week, it is hard to believe what is happening down south.  Have a great weekend!

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Nancy, Rachel & Sarah


Leslie Miller said...

Oh, my gosh! These are so CUTE! And with the sequin ropes and clothespins and the tags you added -- adorable! I know they must get such a charge out of your gifts at the Wellness Center!

PJ said...

These are absolutely adorable, what a lovely gift to give to the wellness center. It encourages me to look for something like that here in our town. I would love to do something like that for others. I make a lot of cards but don't have to many people I can send them too. I think that Paper pumpkin from Stampin up is really neat, I've not ever signed up for it, but my friend does and she really enjoys her boxes. Hope you have a wonderful week. ☺