Saturday, October 22, 2016

Clear Tiny Halloween Treat Boxes

I had a few minutes and thought I would quick post this cute treat box.  Everyone was here for the day, so I let Jennifer help me with these adorable boxes.  I had purchased them from SU, as I love little things like these.

I needed some more goodies for Halloween and thought these boxes would look cute made up with some candy corn to look like a pumpkin.  After I put them together, Jennifer filled them up with the candy corn.  Of course, we had to sample the corn to make sure they were yummy!

After sealing them shut, I cut a thin piece of Old Olive paper in a strip and twirled it around a paint brush handle to make it curl so it would look like the pumpkin stem.  I then tied a Halloween sentiment and small pumpkin face with some black and white twine.  I thought they turned out so cute, and they were so easy to make.

The other day Joe and I took a ride up in the mountains to check out the leaves.  They are really starting to look so pretty with all the different colors.  When we got home I took a picture of my yellow mums in the front yard.  They turned out so nice this year.

I have purple ones, but none turned out so nice as these did.  I hope everyone is having a nice weekend.  It rained here today, so I'm glad I took this picture before it got so miserable outside.  They may not survive with the wind tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by,
Nancy, Rachel & Sarah


Leslie Miller said...

Very cute, and those ready-made clear boxes sure make it simple! Really love the curls you made. Your mums are so incredibly gorgeous! Everything here is mushy from the rain, but I got out yesterday and did some trimming and clean up. I like the autumn garden even without much color.

PJ said...

Oh, goodness these are adorable little boxes, and I know for sure I'd being testing that candy corn. I love eating that with peanuts. We always use to have a pumpkin dish filled with those. (well until we all walked past and grabbed handful) Golly your mums are just beautiful. I Love how bright they are. I hope they are holding up for ya after the wind and such.