Sunday, December 20, 2015

Snowman Family

I saw this video by Brenda and knew I would have to try and make some.  These turned out so cute but are not something you can do in a hurry!  I make a bunch of the little holders and then went to work making the snowman and the accessories.  I used SU Snow Place stamp set and just SU Real Red to save time.

I really liked how the little penguins turned out.  I knew that I had to make double the amount as I was using them for ornaments, but I always ran short somehow.  Two of everything turned out time consuming but I think it was worth it.  I loved how they turned out!

I used SU's silver cording for the first time and loved it!!  I hope they keep it in their catalog!  Here's the rest of the family.

It was so funny - I would make some and then get up to do something else and when I came back I thought - boy, I thought I had made more.  It always seemed less!  Turns out little fingers were helping themselves to the family members and the bag of Hershey Kisses!  These are all I have left.  I think I will use them to decorate some packages and then put the rest on the tree.

I still have some things I wanted to make.  I thought I had plenty of time but I don't think I will get to everything I planned on making!  I have to finish up the baking this week.  My daughter took off from work this week and next so she and Jennifer are coming over to make cookies.  Rachel and Sarah are almost finished school so it will be fun all around!  Hope you are having a good weekend.

Thanks for stopping by.
Nancy, Rachel & Sarah


PJ said...

Absolutely adorable. I debated weather or not to purchase this stamp set, and now after seeing your cute creations, I'm wishing I had ☺ Great job. You could decorate a whole tree with those delightful tag ornaments.

Leslie Miller said...

Oh, these are so cute and that's so funny about how they kept disappearing! Tee hee! Gave me a good chuckle. Looks like you made quite a few in spite of little fingers!