Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Gift Cards

Well, it wasn't the Christmas Eve I thought it was going to be.  My daughter called us this AM that Jennifer had fallen off the sofa and fell into the coffee table and smashed her nose/eye.  We hurried up and drove over and took them to the ER.  Poor Jennifer looked terrible!  The bridge of her nose was so swollen and a nasty cut over her eye.  So after several hours in the ER and an x-ray she came home with a new Barbie doll they gave her and no broker nose - just badly bruised!!  We got back to the house just before our friends came for dinner.  Fortunately, everything had been prepared ahead of time and my daughter and the girls had prepared everything for dinner.

Jennifer face timed us after dinner and she was so much better.  She was putting out her reindeer food I had made for her and set cookies and milk out for Santa!  I finally remember the one thing I had not done and planned on doing today which was make the gift card holders for the girls.  So it is 10PM and here I am finally finishing up.  I saw these cards over at Chic n'Scatch and really liked them.  I printed out the directions as I'm sure I'll use them again.

I always end up giving the girls some gift cards to their favorite eateries so when shopping with their friends they can get a snack.  These came together really quick ad a great way to use up those paper scraps.  Well, tomorrow it the big day and I'm off to set the table and get a jump on things.  Everyone in the Pansy Patch would like to wish to a very Merry Christmas!!

I saw this video and thought you would enjoy it!

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PJ said...

So very sorry to here about Jennifer, but Praise the LORD she will be ok. what a scary ordeal for her and the family. Your gift holders are just awesome and I'm sure they will be much appreciated. I hope you have a Happy Healthy New Year.

Leslie Miller said...

Oh, poor Jennifer! Sounds like it turned out okay, though. I hope she enjoyed her visit from Santa. Love these gift card holders with the band. Nice design! Our son is still here visiting and days have been busy. Just wanted to stop by and wish you a happy new year!