Thursday, February 9, 2017

Sweet & Sassy Heat Boxes

Here is another great idea from Brenda Quintana.  I have loved making all her tutorials with the candy kisses and this one is no exception.  When I saw this I fell in love with it.  I purchased the tutorial on her website - Qbee's Quest.  So far I have only made two of the hearts but hope to make the third one.

This is the largest one.  It was so easy to put together.  Brenda does such an amazing job when she writes up her tutorials.  She is very detailed, which I love, and has lots of pictures which she includes.
Here is a picture of the second one I made.

Jennifer was watching me make this one and told me she wants this one for Valentine's Day.  These cutes hearts could be used for other occasions as well, other than Valentine's Day.  I think I might make these for my daughter's wedding favors.

I'll wrap these hearts up with some other goodies and give the larger ones to the girls and the smaller one to Jennifer.  Joe just finished plowing our driveway.  We got about 5" of snow which wasn't too bad.  But it is still pretty windy outside.  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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Leslie Miller said...

It's hard to believe you made these heart boxes! They look very professional, and soooo pretty! We've had a lot of wind, too, but no snow, and today the sun is out -- yay!

PJ said...

These are just Gorgeous Nancy, and I agree with Leslie, they look professional. My goodness gracious just beautiful. You do amazing work. I want to thank you so much for the Valentine. It made my day♥ so elegant and each time I see a card from you, I add that stamp set or die to my wish list. You should become a demonstrator for stampin up.