Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy Easter!!!

Here's hoping everyone is enjoying this beautiful Easter weekend!  At last the sun - and no snow in sight!!!  We're all heading out to Jennifer's house to color eggs this afternoon.  Here's a picture of our Easter Egg Tree I mentioned the other day.

My youngest daughter won this tree ( AKA Money Tree) when she was in grammar school, and I have used it every year since for our Easter Tree.  When my daughters were young, we all use to go to ceramics and all the goodies under the tree one of us made for Easter at some time.  I had made each of them their own baskets and they still look forward to seeing them every year - good memories!!

Thanks for stopping by and visiting with us.  Everyone in the Pansy Patch wishes you and your families a Blessed Easter weekend!

Nancy                 Rachel                   Sarah

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Leslie Miller said...

Oh, that's a very pretty Easter egg tree! What a darling little corner of Easter decorations you've fixed up there. It's beautiful here today and I'm definitely going outside. Happy Easter!