Sunday, April 21, 2013

Twine Keeper

I don't know about you, but when I go to use some of my twine it usually turns out to be a disaster waiting to happen!  No matter how I try to put it away it always turns into a ball of worms!  I saw on several blogs different ways to organize your twine and decided to go for it!  The easy part was getting the clothespins - the hard part was unwrapping it to put it around the clothespins!  But - I persevered and am so happy with the outcome! 
All you have to do is wrap the twine around the clothespin.  When you get to the end just pinch it and it will keep the end nice and secure.  I then put them into a glass container for safe keeping!  Try it - you'll like it!
We had a great time at the scrap booking fair.  It wasn't as big as last year, but we still had fun.  This was Sarah's first year and she enjoyed the make n' takes.

Needless to say, my debit card took a bit hit.  Lots of new ideas and stamps.  I also won a $10 gift certificate to a vendor as a door prize.  I gave it to Sarah who refilled her supply of stickles!  She loves them.  We hope you have a great week!

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Nancy, Rachel & Sarah


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