Friday, June 16, 2017

Jennifer and Angel Pat

When Jennifer was born, my friend Pat gave her an angel to watch over her.  Pat loved angels and had a large collection of them.  Every now and then Pat would add to Jennifer's collection and when she started to talk she called her Angel Pat!  One of the last pictures I have of Jennifer and her Angel Pat is one I took at Christmas of the two of them after they had spent some time on the "Magic Carpet" that was one of Pat's gifts to her.  They traveled to a lot of places that day and had a great time!  This was one of Pat's favorite picture.

Last night Pat lost her battle with cancer and is now truly Jennifer's Angel Pat.  Pat was a wonderful wife, Mother and Grandmother.  She was also a great friend and will truly be missed.

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Leslie Miller said...

I'm so sorry you've lost your friend. My friends are very dear to me and I can't imagine the heartache. God rest.

Denise said...

Beautiful post Nancy. I'm sure Pat is looking down on you and smiling. Jennifer will always have her angel Pat.

PJ said...

Oh my dear friend, God bless you. I have tears in my eyes from reading this lovely tribute to Angel Pat. What a treasure of a woman and to have touched so many lives in such a beautiful way. Oh she sounds amazing. The magic carpet is precious as is this picture. Please know how sorry I am. You have my sincere sympathy. From reading your tribute she reminds me of my beloved Auntie Ann. A heart full of love and would find the joys in simple pleasures. May God bless you with peace, comfort and courage.