Sunday, June 22, 2014

Owl Pillow Treat Boxes

I am in the process of cleaning out my craft room and moving to another room and found some extra pillow box treats that I had made for the girls to give out the last day of school.  I completely forgot to post them.  They came together so quickly and they are so versatile.  You can put a lot of different things inside - money. gift cards, goodies, etc.  Here's a pictures of what was leftover.

If you don't have the SU pillow die, you can get some at Michael's in the Wedding Section.  They are a little smaller and come in different colors.  That's what I used above.  Just punch out circles in your desired DSP and adhere them on the front of the box by staggering them and trim off the edges.  I used my 1 1/4" circle punch above and the 1 3/4"  and 3/4" circle punches for the eyes.  I made the wings using my oval punch and the feet with my heart punch.  If you have a flower punch you can use a petal for the peak or just cut a piece out of your CS.  To make them look more realistic, just curl up the "feathers" forward.  I thought they looked so cute!

Hope everyone had a good weekend.  The girls spent it mostly swimming.   Have a good week!

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Nancy, Rachel and Sarah

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Leslie Miller said...

Unbelievable cuteness! These are absolutely adorable and I'm so glad you came across them in your move. Good luck with that, by the way. I know what a BIG job it can be!