Sunday, March 16, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!!

A few years ago, I put together these cute little baskets to give to Rachel and Sarah for St. Patrick's Day!  Now every year I get them out of storage and fill them with their little bags of coins made of chocolate.  I think it has become a ritual as they look to seeing them every year, and this year was no exception.  Next year I'll have to make one for Jennifer, but we decided that we'll put in some animal crackers for awhile!

I got the instructions from Chic n'Scratch.  I used my Just Rite stamps for the greeting and some cute ribbon from Michael's with some tiny green brads to secure it.  Funny, it's not a big item but one they remember and look forward to.

We had a busy day.  Sarah and I went to the Scrapbook Show in Allentown today and had a great time!  During the week I'll show you some of our goodies.  We then had our corn beef and cabbage at our daughter's and were joined by Jennifer and her Mom.  Other than Rachel being under the weather, we all had a great time!  Hopefully the snowstorm will miss us this time and we can look forward to spring!

Everyone here at the Pansy Patch wants to wish you and your families a Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

 Nancy                       Rachel                     Sarah

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Leslie Miller said...

These are so cute with the little coin bags in them! Funny, I've never thought of that for St. Patrick's Day, but it long ago became a tradition for us to tuck a coin bag in the toe of our son's Christmas stocking. It's the last thing he pulls out every year.