Friday, June 21, 2013

Bottle Cap and Washi Tape Pendant Necklaces

The girls and I had made some bottle cap key rings for the teachers the other week and now that we have more time since school is out we wanted to make some necklaces.  Our friend Denise invited us over to make some and then go swimming.  We had a great time!  There are a lot of videos out there on how to make these.

The bottle cap was flattened with the big shot.  We used stickers from Spare Parts Sticker Pad along with the epoxy stickers from Spare Parts to put on top of it to seal it.  Then we punched a hole with the Crop-A-Dile in the top part of the bottle cap and threaded a 18" ball chain to form the necklace.  I found a great buy in Hobby Lobby of the ball chains.  They came in a roll and you just cut off the desired length and hook on the clasp.

We also made necklaces using small wooden circles and hearts.  I saw this blog using washi tape to make necklaces, so we decided to try it and loved how they turned out.  The girls love using this tape for so many things, even for simple things like decorating their folders for school.

We hope everyone had a great Father's Day.  The girls surprised us by taking us to the Fingers Lakes for a few days!  We had a lot of fun exploring the lakes and even made it up to Lake Ontario. The food was great! Here is a picture of the crew when we stopped for a picnic lunch.

We hope everyone has a great weekend - the weather is looking good!

Thanks for stopping bye,
Nancy, Rachel & Sarah

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